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Crush Meaning


What does it mean to have a crush on someone? Cambridge Dictionary defines a crush as "a strong but temporary attraction for someone".


Difference Between Crush and Love


Love has a long-term perspective. It develops over time and is much more than a physical attraction. It is when you care deeply about another person and can be completely natural yourself when being with him/her.

A crush is also referred to as an infatuation. A crush occurs right away when meeting or seeing this person and gives you butterflies in your stomach. When you believe having "love at first sight," it might be a crush. Crushes might last very shortly, but some infatuations might also develop into love and a long-term relationship.


Crush Love

Crushes are uncontrollable, unpredictable, and often irrational. A crush makes you feel confused and excited. A crush can make us giddy, silly, and even ridiculous. You could have a crush on a celebrity (What girl hasn't had a crush on Brad Pitt, or you guys on Mila Kunis?). You could also have a crush on a colleague from work or school or on somebody you have just seen on the street or in public transport. You might have a crush because you admire, or you find a person attractive. Sometimes, there might also be an entirely unexplainable crush, which is just a result of some chemistry. Most of the time, a crush passes as quickly as it comes, but sometimes it lasts longer and evolves into love.


I Have A Crush On You


No matter where you live, what you do, and who you are, at one moment in life, all of us have a crush on someone. At this time, we all become vulnerable, and fighting these emotions is nearly impossible. When those feelings overwhelm you, the only possibility is to let them run their courses and beg Venus that your crush returns your affection.


How To Know If Your Crush Likes You


How to know if your crush likes you? Lucky for us, there are some ways to assess if your crush likes you back. There are many signs that he or she has a crush on you, and the Does My Crush Like Me Back Quiz will help you evaluate if the feelings of your crush are mutual.


We did our best to ensure that this Crush quiz is as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that this quiz is just for fun. The results are only indicative, and you should not rely on them for making any decision.


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